Road to Gagarin

My sidekick project...

ROAD TO GAGARIN is a my sidekick project which I do with Canadian / Dutch writer Steve Korver. Together we have been visiting Russia for more then 10 years, in search of the first man in space: Yuri Gagarin (1934-68). By visiting and documenting the major settings of his bizarre and dramatic life, as well as talking with people who were close to him, we are capturing the essence of both the man who is dead and the myth that is still very much alive. He remains the most popular figure of 20th century Russia, where he has the legend status of a JFK or Elvis – inspiring love, art and conspiracy theories.

In the meantime we made a booklet, had exhibitions in several countries, made four short films (which has been showed on more then
100 filmfestivals all over the world) and had articles published in several international newspapers and magazines.

Support our project in any form, so we can continue making new short films (I wrote two new amazing scripts) and our final book on Gagarin.
Help Yuri Gagarin becoming the worthy global hero he deserves to be!



I wrote two new short films!

Both films are the best thing I ever wrote. One of them has the potential to be a feature. We are talking to some producers but it ain’t easy. To be continued…


RINGO ROCKET STAR and his song for Yuri Gagarin (2017)


                  This amazing poster is made by Amsterdam based artists Mattia Rubino and Celia Rosa

My 4th short film on Gagarin called: ‘RINGO ROCKET STAR AND HIS SONG FOR YURI GAGARIN’ is done. At the moment it’s circling around festivals all around the world. It won lots of prizes. The whole list of festivals, nominations and award is written down at the about/contact section.

The film is dry comical short 10 minute film. It’s shot at a gypsy favela in Serbia. The film has a very catchy ear-worm song to it which will be available on iTunes and Spotify. The film is send out to many filmfestivals around the whole globe. If you can’t wait to see it, please send me an e-mail and I might send you the password.



Yuri on the Phone (2015)


Poster made by the fantastic Celia Rosa (Conceptmachine)




Rada: Rada Đuričin
Director/producer: Rene Nuijens
Script: Steve Korver & René Nuijens
Translator: Olga Rozanova
Executive producer: Marko Nikolić
D.O.P.: Obrad Kokotović
Editor: Will Judge
Graphics/Animation: Celia Rosa & Barry Schwarz @Addikt
Titles: Barry Schwarz @Addikt & Celia Rosa
Grading & Online: Captcha!
Colour Grading: Barry Clarke
Compositing: Gregoire Verweijen
Post Production Producer: Marcel Oudendijk
Sound: Nick Smith @ Stainless Sound


The First Yugoslavian Cosmonaut


A film by Rene Nuijens & Steve Korver

Director: Rene Nuijens
Script: Rene Nuijens / Steve Korver
Yuri Garic: Bora Nenic
D.O.P.: Rene Nuijens
Editor: Will Judge
Production: Rene Nuijens
Production Serbia: Marko Nicolic @ Ludovico Films
Production assistent: Marko Stankovic
On-line: Joppo & Job & Marlieke in de Grot
Grading: Joppo in de Grot
Sound: Ben Tomlin @ Wave Studios Amsterdam
Voice Yuri Garic: Perica Stojancic
Voice recording Yuri Garic: Wave Studios Amsterdam
Voice over: Marko Petrovic
Voice over recording: Sharkey @ Haaifraaideluxe!
Title Graphics: the Girls
Title & Credits animations: Barry @ Addikt
Translation: Natasa Stankovic
Music film: Dance of Kosovo by Vladimir Babitch
Music in animation: Samo jednom se ljubi by: Ivo Robic

The Yuri Gagarin Goose Chase (2011)


It’s was fifty years ago that our dear comrade Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space. After his historical flight, Yura travelled the world and met many people. He became special friends with Cuba and its commander-in-chief Fidel Castro. So to celebrate Gagarin’s achievement we went to the heart of Revolutionary Cuba in search of the Yuri Gagarin Goose Farm…


Director: Rene Nuijens
Script: Rene Nuijens / Steve Korver
D.O.P.: Rene Nuijens
Editor: Will Judge
Production Cuba: Steve Korver
Production film: Rene Nuijens
On-line: Will Judge
Grading: Will Judge
Voice-over: Aleksej Koutsman

Special thanks to our driver Ernesto and all the lovely people of Cuba.

50 year of human space flight


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Photography: René Nuijens, Text: Steve Korver, Design: Ewoudt Boonstra, Imaging: M*G!C,
Print Production: Julia Llamas, Printing: Drukkerij Slinger, Webdesign: Maarten Dobbelaar.
Many thanks to: Alexei, Dr Rostislav Bogdashevsky, Sarah Gehrke, Martin Karakas, Sergei Krikalyov, Olga Ponomarenko, Victor and Valentina Porohnya, Carolina Salazar, Troy Selvaratnam, Katya Thomas, Dr Vitaly Volovich, Geessy Zuñiga Tarrafa, Maarten Dobbelaar, Anton Sokolov, Boris Bendikov, Elizabeth Andronova, 328 Stories, Karin Jansen, Erik Kessels, Snezana Stankovic and many others…

Caption quotations come from Road to the Stars by Yuri Gagarin et al.
Publishing: René Nuijens, April 12 2011.
In an edition of 1000 copies. 
ISBN/EAN 978-90-817158-1-2